April 5, 2017

A fantastic gift is a family portrait session with us!  We know you husband’s appreciate all the hard work your wife does for you, so here are some additional gifts you and the kids can get her this year.

By Chris Morris from Time.com

You can get your mother flowers or a “world’s best mom” coffee mug on Mother’s Day, but let’s be honest — you can do better. And, frankly, better is what mom deserves.

So what should you get the mother who sacrificed so much to raise you? Tech might not come to mind immediately, but there are a wealth of gadgets that moms everywhere will love, from fitness trackers to high-tech hair dryers. Just remember to order in time: Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14 this year.

Oh, and husbands of moms? Pay attention here, because you’re not off the hook for a gift, either.  Read more

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