April 30, 2019

Sunflowers and Smiles!  This cake smash could not have gone any better.  Mom and I had been planning this session for over a month, and we sent several text messages back and forth to make sure we had every detail nailed down.  Then my teenage son came down with the flu a week before.  His fever did not break until the day before her session.  I always let my clients know if one of my kids is sick so they can choose what works best for them.  Since he is a teenager, it was easy to quarantine him upstairs.  Then another tragedy occurred: Ada’s big brother started puking in the car ride down!  Mom and Dad drove 3 hours for this session!  When they arrived at our house, it was pouring cats and dogs.  Our husbands were starting to think we were nuts (they might be right, but we’ll never admit it).

My husband and I have known this family for years before their kiddos came along.  Finally, the universe and the Army aligned and we were both stationed within driving distance.  They were spending the weekend with us but as Mom and I know, it was all about the cake session.  Fortunately, big brother’s tummy troubles were due to the excitement of our visit and they quickly resolved.

I love doing cake smash sessions; you never know how the child will react to their cake.  Meet Ada!  She was a perfect little princess during her session.  The random three hour nap prior to her session helped it all go off without a hitch.  She was delicate with her cake but as you can see she did enjoy it!  Big brother yelled “smash it” throughout the session which made Ada smile bigger! We had so many terrific images that Mom had a tough time picking her favorites.

Here are a few of our favorites.  Follow me on social media and check out the video of Ada’s cake smash session.  Warning: the images will make you smile and crave cake!  A special thanks to Buttercream Dreams Sweets and Treats for the cake!


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