September 17, 2019

Who doesn’t need a dose of cuteness this week?  Meet Kennedi!  Kennedi stopped by our studio recently for her six month sitter session.  Mom and I had been planning this session for over a month and sweet little Kennedi loved it.  Mom picked out the adorable outfits and we collaborated to make a Hawaiian theme.

Sitter sessions can be a bit tiring for the little ones.  Many have not quite mastered the art of sitting up.  Kennedi did a terrific job and Mom was close by to assist in those unsteady moments.  Kennedi was full of smiles and very interested in the stuffed flamingo.  My favorite was her little glittery sandals.  Every girl needs a touch of glitter!

It is so important to record these milestones.  Babies change so quickly in the first year.  Sitting up is a big accomplishment!  Soon they will be walking, talking and one day applying to colleges!  Yes folks, the time does go fast.  Record these moments, they will be treasures in the future.

Miss Kennedi, thank you for the wonderful smiles.  You certainly know how to brighten a room.  We can’t wait to see you for your one year cake smash!

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