May 8, 2019

Look at this adorable little wizard!  Mom is a huge Harry Potter fan and I could not wait to do Emmett’s session.

Emmett slept during most of his session.  He had just spent a week in the NICU and poor mom was recovering from a C-section.  These two have had a rough start but with Dad’s assistance during the session, I believe we captured some special moments.

Sweet little Emmett was so much fun to photograph!  Does your nursery have a theme?  Give us a call and we’ll incorporate it into your newborn session.

I have to admit, I have not read the Harry Potter books and have only watched one movie.  This adorable wizard may have just convinced me to sit down and read one of the books! Mom’s grandmother knitted the Doby doll and hat!  We couldn’t wait to incorporate them into our session.  The glasses and scarf are from Chicaboo and the wand was on loan from my daughter.





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