December 20, 2019

Photographer’s need portraits too.  What do we do when it’s time for our family portraits?  We hire a professional!  Nothing is more intimidating than photographing another photographer and her family!

Meet Brenda Young from BPhotographed and her family.  Brenda and her husband Bert were the first photographers I met when we moved to South Carolina.  They welcomed me and my family with open arms and even photographed my husband’s promotion ceremony!  We have worked together on different projects since.  Brenda and I “swapped” family sessions this year and you’ll see my family portraits in a later post.

It’s tough when the kids are still at home to wrangle everyone together for a family portrait.  It is even tougher when they grow up, get married and have kids of their own.  This was no easy feat for Brenda!  Not to mention mother nature was less than cooperative all the way up to an hour before their session.  Although it was chilly, the stars aligned and we were able to capture special moments.

Brenda and Bert have three beautiful daughters and four handsome grandsons!   We had so many wonderful images to chose from. Family is a blessing.  Grandchildren are a greater blessing.

Thank you Brenda and Bert for allowing us to capture these special moments for you.  Did you miss scheduling your family portraits this year?  Don’t fret, get them scheduled for 2020.  Call the studio and let us help you capture your family’s special moments.

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