June 18, 2018

I had the pleasure of photographing this special family as they get ready to begin a new chapter in their military adventures.  Meet the Bailey’s!  Mother nature decided to turn up the heat on the day of our session!  This family handled it like a pro.  Mom explained she had not had family portraits done in three years.  A new job on the horizon and kids in high school, it was time to document the changes.  As you can see, Mom and Dad are still smitten with each other.  Teenagers can be a challenge to photograph but we had a great time with these two.

It’s important to document the special moments.  Family portraits are not just for Christmas cards.  Especially for my military families celebrating each duty station, new job, deployment or additions to the family are all important.  You don’t need to wait for Christmas to photograph your families achievements.  Celebrate the milestones and document them.

As we each part ways on our new military endeavors, we will greatly miss the Bailey’s.  Thanks to Hugh, my husband and son are now competition shooters and I’ve had to add an “ammunition” category to our monthly budget!

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