“A picture’s setting/background helps tell the story of a person. Brandi visited several local areas to provide the choicest settings/backgrounds for my children’s photos. She nailed it. Using some information concerning their hobbies and likes, Brandi chose the ideal shoot locations designed to enhance those characteristics.

Brandi Blake is very accommodating and super easy to get along with. There are so many editing options – color pops, black and white, edgy enhancements – I love each and every one!  And she patiently showed me all of them!

My 19 year old son’s super cool black and white looks just like an album cover! The “Wow” factor is very high. Not in a million years could I have taken a picture of him and had it look so fantastic!” – Sandy D.

Sandy D.

“I highly recommend Brandi Blake Photography. We have four very active children ranging in ages from 3 to 11. I am sure you can imagine it is hard to get the four of them to all sit in one place, let alone all look in the same direction and smile. Not only did we pick a child tempting park with an awesome playground for our location but we added the challenge of taking a few poses with our family dog. Brandi Blake rised to the challenge with professionalism, a smile and the patience of a saint. Our pictures turned out great. She did a beautiful job capturing everyone’s individual personalities. Thank you Brandi Blake Photography.” – Sherry H.

Sherry H.

“My absolute favorite photo of my son was taken by Brandi when my son was two.  He would not sit still during our outdoor photo shoot.  That did not bother nor deter Brandi.  Rather she caught him in motion with a stick in hand, capturing the twinkle in his blue eyes and just a hint of a smirk. I smile whenever I see it on my wall.”  –Karla Bilafer

Karla Bilafer