April 4, 2017


Story by Marcy Sanchez
William Beaumont Army Medical Center Public Affairs Office

For most expecting moms, preparation is crucial to a smooth delivery. The internet, books and magazines may provide moms insight into what to expect during labor, but what about after delivery?

William Beaumont Army Medical Center, as part of the Military Treatment Facility’s Healthy Baby Campaign, began issuing a safe sleep blanket, a toe-to-neck zip-up blanket with cutoff sleeves, designed to help newborns stay warm while reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome for all newborn babies, March 14.

“When babies roll over they might pull the blanket over their head, and can’t get the blanket off, increasing the risk for suffocation,” said Dr. Stacey Frazier, chief, Inpatient Pediatrics, WBAMC. “The blanket keeps the baby from being able to pull over their face so the baby can stay warm and sleep comfortably in their cribs.”




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