April 5, 2017

Every year we have our own family portraits done.  Not just because I’m the photographer and family and friends have come to expect our annual Christmas card but because life changes, kids change, fashion trends change and it’s a great way to document your history.  In today’s world everything is documented on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or whatever the latest and greatest app is.  So few images are printed.  When this generation grows up, where will their images be?  Will they have pictures to look through, memories to share with their siblings or will everything sit on an outdated hard drive locked away in a closet somewhere?

Yes, even my husband and kids groan a bit when I announce it’s picture time.  Recently, my husband admitted he was glad I made everyone do this each year.  He enjoys looking back and seeing how much the kids have changed.

We promise to make your family portrait session fun and stress free.  We will guide you on what to where, best time to photograph and give you a couple locations to choose from.  We love pets and welcome them to your session.  Just notify us ahead of time so we can make sure your session is in a pet friendly location.

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